FREE 3-Day Plant-Based Keto Diet Challenge

How to start a plant-based keto eating plan with 3 day meal plan, recipes, shopping list, nutrition lessons

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We know that choosing a style of eating can be confusing. Elaina Love has been a nutrition based low sugar chef and instructor for 20 years and got her passion for healing and eating while healing from her own heal challenges. The information given in this challenge is low glycemic, high nutrient and emphasizes organic whole food raw ingredients for whole body health.

When we start making healthier food decisions for ourselves, we start to crave less and begin naturally removing substances like sugar from our life. If you want to learn how to substitute unhealthy ingredients like for a variety of delicious, exciting recipes like grain-free zucchini pasta, sugar-free chocolate pudding, hearty soups, and how to make a green smoothie that actually tastes good, then this is the free challenge for you.

We know there are a ton of diet programs and healthy eating lifestyles you could be following and somehow you ended up on our page. Whether a friend or family member recommended you, or you found us through searching, you are here for a reason. We don't condone diet dogma's nor are we here to tell you what kind of diet religion you should follow. What we are here to do is educate you on why plants are so important, how to cut out sugar, and how these changes can extend your life, balance your hormones, and satisfy you on a cellular level.

That's why we give you the tools and life practices it takes to make this your new norm. Our team and hundreds of our students have also found this way of eating to be beneficial. Eating plant-based, low sugar helps you:

  • Feel more connected (to yourself, to your spouse, to your family, to the world)
  • Say bye bye to mood swings
  • Reach a sense of mind/body balanced
  • Get no cravings, ever
  • Improve your sleep quality. Wake up refreshed every day with no more fatigue
  • Feel Alive! Feel excited about what life has in store for you
  • Health your relationship with sugar. Say we confidence "Sugar I don’t need you!"

Help us show you how!

Besides 3 days worth of amazing recipes, we also include:

  • Full 3-day recipe book including snacks and treats
  • 3-day meal plan so you know exactly what to eat, when
  • Shopping list to take the guess workout of shopping
  • 3 plant-based nutrition and lifestyle lessons that have taken my health and our students to the next level
  • Community
  • Superfood & Supplement Guide - what we recommend when starting a new diet program and why

Take full advantage of the group experience by connecting with others through the community Facebook Group. Get motivated, inspired, and ask questions with a group of women who understand exactly what you’re going through. Hear their success stories and learn the steps it took them to get there.

And if you decide to join us for our Full 4-Week Plant-Based Keto Lovecamp Program Starting January 7th, you will be a part of this lovecamp tribe for life!

At the end of the 3-day challenge, our whole group will join a live video call with Elaina, Katelyn, and our team to round out our journey together, answering any questions, and send you on with some healthy eating motivation. The call will be recorded, so if you can't make it live you can catch the replay

"The extra goodies that come with the Love Camp - Meeting very like-minded new sisters on this journey!! I’m so proud to be meeting everyone this way! So lovely to meet everyone. I love this program for the recipes, guidance changing our eating styles and the community is just so great. Very like-minded new sisters on this journey!! I’m so proud to be meeting everyone this way!"

Make your health transformation a reality with our tried and true lifestyle hacks - from organizing your kitchen, to journalling habits, ditching cravings for good, meal prep shortcuts and much more.

How Will I Know If I Will Like The Recipes?

Don't take our word (although we eat these recipes daily and love them!), hear from a few of our lovecamp participants.

Your Instructor

Elaina Love
Elaina Love

Elaina Love is one of the pioneers in the steadily growing ketogenic plant-based food movement. Elaina's teachings focus on low carb, healthy fats, and full flavored holistic plant food. With 18 years teaching experience, she can help you reach your goals whether it is weight loss, hormone balancing, getting well, or starting a career in holistic health.

She has coached and inspired hundreds of aspiring chefs and individuals who want to change their life, both in person and through her online programs.

Through raw foods, cleansing and fasting, Elaina has also healed herself from systemic candida, chronic fatigue, and severe skin problems. She is the creator of the first ever nut milk bag, The Amazing Nut Milk Bag.

I'm loving the program, I have noticed so many positive things. First, I am sleeping better, second, more energy, less brain fog, third, less cravings for carbs, and more cravings for healthy food. Just feel more in control. I am adopting this for life because I want to feel this good all the time! Big celebration: 7 pounds lost in one week! Woo-Hoo!

- Inga Brown

I think the program works like an adaptogen for each of us. We get out of it what we need, since we are all coming from different places in our own health. I'm sleeping more deeply and for longer periods and it's wonderful. I feel lighter. I'm also eating lots less; deciding to honor my intuition and not over do it. My struggle would normally be in the late evening, but I've really been trying to get in touch with why I would previously want to eat late - and then I don't do it at all. Super excited for all of the positive changes that each one of us is experiencing.

- Joni James

On This Transformative Lifestyle Journey.

We Start As A Group November 26th

Frequently Asked Questions

The course starts November 26th and ends when our New Years 4-week Loveamp Program starts January 7th so you have over a month to do prepare your recipes and read your lessons as many times as you like!
You can sign up for the 4-week program by going to or emailing
Absolutely! This program is great for breastfeeding momma's and we've had dozens of women who are breastfeeding get amazing results. Don't take our word, hear it from Jessica "This camp has been just the thing for a breastfeeding Mama. I think the high fats has not only made my milk better thicker but has made me feel like my body is coming back more and more. This is the perfect time for me to be doing this (with some modifications). Thank you so much for all the support, love and amazing program! Look at the arm rolls on that baby!"
We understand that every individual is unique and we’ve designed your program with that in mind. The recipes are 100% gluten-free and meal plans come with an accompanying guide with suggested alternatives and replacements so you never have to miss out! We have alternatives to all the recipe ingredients. If a recipe doesn't have an alternative listed, just comment below the recipe and one of our loving staff will be happy to find you one. The best part is, all ingredients in this course are free from soy, gluten, peanuts, agave, processed additives, dairy, meats and even cashews so you can enjoy with ease!
We are very passionate about eating organic foods not only for our health but the health of our children, husbands, best friends, and community! Foods containing GMO's are very harmful to us and the environment. But it’s not always possible to find organic produce where you live or depending on the time of year, certain foods are not available organic. That's why we give you a list of the most important foods to buy organic.
You are in luck! We have a whole lesson on hormone balancing by our naturopath, Ritamarie Loscalzo. Most importantly, this program gets rid of the acid forming foods that can make menopausal symptoms much worse. This lifestyle is highly alkalizing and nourishing to our organs which create healthy hormone production. Also, many of the foods eaten on this program are phytoestrogenic, which means they help the liver detoxify harmful estrogens or an over-production of one hormone over another. Imbalanced hormones that can occur during menopause can be caused by a sluggish liver - which is also why this lifestyle can help
Most store bought kombuchas are way too sugary and the bacteria can be questionable. I love coconut kefir as an alternative or a sparkling water + lemon + stevia when you want something cold and bubbly.

Get started now!